Sunday, September 24, 2006

Working Paperless

here's another disney distribution poster. My little victory here is that I did the piece totally digitally from sketch to finish. I did the rough and clean-up in Painter IX. Then all the compositing in Photoshop, with a little Illustrator thrown in here and there. Doing stuff like this is an excellent excerise in learning what the creative suite can do. It is nice not having all the rough drawings cluttering up the studio in my home. As much as I want to keep doing things traditionally, its hard to deny the ease of working digitally. When it comes to commercial work like this, and I'm not REALLY married to the piece, I very much prefer to work paperless. I'm sure when Disney gets back into doing hand-drawn animation, they'll figure out a way to work paperless, but still allow the hand of the artist in there with programs like Painter and Photoshop.


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